Mashaalla is a derivative of a phrase in Arabic which is used to express appreciation, joy, praise, or thankfulness for an event.


It is such a positive and forward looking word that is usually used in a variety of contexts in every day life that represents goodness, that we have adopted it as the new “cool” and the birth of our Magazine from our love for positive and empowering narrative that fashion brings across cultures.


We felt we needed to bring a new generation of incredible fashion and lifestyle magazines with breath-taking imagery, fantastic art direction and a story behind every image from our East-West Euro-GCC balanced team.


Mashaalla magazine is your hang-out place. Its your Lifestyle & Fashion fix. You have something on your mind you want to share or a story you want to tell, just get in touch and most likely you will feature in our mag.


You want to write something cool and want us to publish it, why don’t you do just that. You want us to research an idea in our domain focus, just reach out to us and let our style council look into it. We just want to have fun doing it together.