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One thing i’ll never travel without again

Travelling is fun, but have you ever had a nightmare trip? Yes, that’s right the journey that nothing planned seemed to go right. The flight was uncomfortable, your bag wasn’t sufficiently parked, your mobile nowhere to be found and your hotel service was just awful.


Unfortunately, most of us have been there at least once or twice. Hence, we try to get everything right the next time to avoid a similar experience. In the quest of getting everything spot on, what is it that you subjectively cannot travel without? That’s what we hope to analyse with this piece.


If you are a regular traveller, then certain items will always make it to your packing bags, and losing them would potentially mean that your trip won’t be as wholesome as you had hoped.


For ladies, especially, the items will vary greatly depending on a myriad of factors such as reasons for travel, duration of stay, nature of activities at the travel destination and on individual personalities. When next you plan to travel, don’t forget to look at our collection of some items most ladies cannot set foot on the plane without.


Picture Takers

Whether or not you are going for a holiday or vacation, you will always find the need to take new photos to remind you of the trip. Most ladies cannot envision travelling without a camera or a good phone to take new pictures. At this age of robust social media, there will be no thrill in flying to a beautiful destination and be unable to share your memories with your friends and family on the social media.


Good Literature

Reading makes you smarter and is an excellent way to kill time during those long transatlantic flights. Some people will not board a flight if they haven’t carried along good literature to keep them occupied, especially if they have to spend several hours in the sky. This is very typical of career women or business ladies who prefer to stay at the top of their game at all times.


Phones or tablets

Even if you had a camera, how would you travel to any destination without your phone? This is always a must-have for every traveller. With the current digital age, it is what is necessary to keep updated with your communications and know what is happening in the destination you are headed to. It is not easy to imagine travelling without your phone, and this is one thing that most people in the world will never move without. If they do, they will be sure to get one immediately they land.


Portable Charger

This is another accessory most ladies will include in their packing bags. Though most of the new planes have charging outlets, you can’t assume the shops in your hotel room in London will be compatible with what you are used to in the USA. Electrical standards in the two countries are different, and as you wait to get the right accessories, the portable charger will always come to your rescue in ensuring you stay online.


Warm and convenient clothing

It doesn’t matter whether you are going to Iceland, Bahamas, Florida or Morocco. Planes are always freezing when they are up high in the sky. In as much as aeroplanes will offer complimentary blankets, most of them will be like a piece of paper and never warm, and the flight attendants typically don’t have control of the cabin temperature. Due to this, some people will never travel without a friendly and convenient clothing like a beautiful big warm sweater.

These seem to be the most concern for women travelers across the globe. What did we miss? Share with us that one thing you can never travel without in the comments below.

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