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After the Party: How to Fake a Good Night’s Sleep

The tiredness that occurs after we’ve had a big night out really affects us the next day, doesn’t it? Missing out on beauty sleep can result in dark circles under your eyes, dry and dull looking skin, puffy eyes and a general sense of negativity.


It can be difficult to look work-ready and hard to cover the signs of sleep deprivation, as we all want to bypass rude comments such as “you look tired today”, “are you not well”, “did you have a big night last night” (just a heads up.. these phrases are very awkward to say to people – so try to avoid using them).

Have A Morning Shower
Ok, this one may seem really obvious.. but when you feel utterly exhausted and would rather those extra five minutes in bed because you’re feeling a little worse for wear after the previous night, you may be tempted to skip your morning shower. A word of advice.. Don’t.


The warm shower will be sure to wake you up and therefore make you more alert, and if you have an exfoliating scrubbing brush or energising shower gels, ensure you use that. Using an exfoliating scrub for your face while you’re in there will aid in brightening dull, dry-looking skin caused by lack of sleep and dehydration.


Combat Those Puffy Eyes
A cold compress is a known and often used solution for your after-party puffy eyes. Cool one of these items in your fridge and apply to your eyes for about 10 minutes.

– The backs of 2 metal tablespoons.
– Used tea bags, as they have also been known to tighten the under-eye area
– And the old cliche, cucumbers. They are made up of more than 90 percent water so are very beneficial in hydrating your skin.


Hide Dark Circles
The lack of sleep you’ve had from partying may of caused dark circles under the eye, some solutions to this problem include.

– The use of a good concealer is a great way to hide dark circles. Thick concealers with yellow undertones have been known to be the best for the job.
– You may not think this, but when your nasal passages are congested, it affects your blood pressure and blood can pool in the veins and capillaries under your eyes, as a result causing pesky dark circles. Try a nasal congestion relief product in the morning and you may find this helps with brightening under your eye.


Brighten Your Skin
You may not feel like it, but walking to work may be beneficial in brightening up your skin. Achieve a youthful glow back into your skin with a little exercise.

Why not put on some of your favourite lipstick – the colour you find brightens you up the most? Although you may not feel like putting much effort into your make up the day after a party – a small amount will really help to make your skin look better.

We hope our tips help you in faking a good night’s sleep in the future.. no matter how much fun you had in the night before!