Five Beauty Hacks to Save Time and Money!

Looking fabulouscan be time consuming and expensive, specially for busy women whether you are a working professional or a time poormom,but with a few simple tricks you can save time and money whilst still looking amazing!

Oh, and with the change in season, it makes it a bit easier. While we’re glad we no longer sweat off all our makeup and feel faint from heat wave, winter brings a whole host of other fun climate control issues such as humidity induced fizzy-hair and makeup messing wind whichruins your perfectly managed beauty regime. Well, no more, these hacks you can do at home, on the way to the office or whenever you need to.

1 – Multipurpose products:
Many beauty products can be used to do a variety of jobs, even if they aren’t marketed as multi-purpose products. Tis tip is perfect for general money saving or for travel when you just don’t have enough space to take a full make up kit with you!

There are many ways to use products for example:
• You can use lipstick or tinted lip balm as a cheek colour – just dab on a small amount and blend.
• You can also use lip balm or Vaseline as a cuticle balm and eyebrow gel.
• You can use mascara as a cream eyeliner by dipping an eyeliner brush into the wand.
• Hair conditioner can be used as a leave in conditioner or to calm frizzy hair, use sparingly and smooth a small amount through your hair.

2 – Look in the Kitchen:
You can make many natural and safe beauty products in your own home, you will probably already have many of the ingredients in your own kitchen!

• For a simple but effective exfoliating lip scrub mix sugar and olive oil in a teaspoon and rub on your lips, the sugar exfoliates dry, chapped skin and the olive oil moisturises. You can also use this in bigger batches as a body scrub, you can use coarse sea salt instead of sugar for a more vigorous scrub.
• Vegetable oils in general are excellent for hair treatments, especially for hair that is dry and frizzy. You can use them as a hot oil treatment by warming some oil in a jar placed in hot water and saturation the hair and scalp for a few hours or overnight, before shampooing. Or rub a small amount between your hands and use on dry hair to tame frizz, add shine and define any curls or waves. Some good oils to use are olive, almond and coconut.
• Honey, especially raw or Manuka honey, makes an excellent face mask as it has healing and moisturising properties, it is excellent for calming problem skin and as a general moisturising treat. It is rich in anti-oxidants and has anti-microbial properties. You can use the honey on its own, it works best when applied onto a wet face, or mixed with other ingredients such as yogurt, olive oil or avocado. Leave on for around 20 to 30 minutes then rinse off.

3 – Sticky Tape!
If you don’t have the steady hand and patience required for beauty techniques such as even winged eyeliner or intricate nail art, fake it! Clear sticky tape can be used as a stencil for make up and nails, it is just as effective as more expensive stencils and nail tape.

• Use it on nails to create neat lines for french tips and geometric nail art designs. When using on your nails, make sure the base coat is fully dry before using any tape to create a design.
• You can use it as a stencil to guide you when applying winged eyeliner, when using on your face you can reduce the stickiness of the tape by sticking it onto your clothes first.
• If you don’t fancy sticking tape on your face you can also use the edge of a credit card or business card to create a straight, even line for eyeliner. You can also use this technique to prevent getting mascara on your eyelids, just place the card behind your lashes when you apply your mascara.

4 – Make it last!
There are many simple tips you can use to make your beauty products last longer, saving you the fuss of having to reapply throughout the day:

• To make your perfume last, apply Vaseline, or any unscented oil based product, to your pulse points before you apply perfume, the oil bind with the oils in the perfume and it will keep the scent for longer.
• To make lipstick last, blot with a single ply tissue and apply a fine layer of translucent powder over the tissue, this will ‘set’ the lipstick and make it last longer.
• If you are sensitive to waterproof mascara or you prefer a non-waterproof formula, you can use clear mascara as a top coat to seal in the colour, this helps avoid the ‘panda eye’ look you get when mascara rubs off under your eyes.

5 – Apply properly!
Learning how to apply your make up properly can work wonders:

• Applying concealer in a triangular pattern under your eyes works to cover dark circles much better than dotting on in a semi-circular pattern.
• A white eyeliner pencil used under a coloured eye-shadow will make the colour appear much brighter, similarly applying a dot of white eyeliner in the corner of your eyes will make them appear brighter

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