Flawless Make-Up Made Easy With Professional Advice

Achieving the flawless, beautiful make-up you’ve seen in magazines may not be as difficult as you’d believe. With practice, and a bit of expert advice, you can easily create some truly beautiful looks worthy of any magazine cover. We’ve got some fantastic tips for you on how to create perfect make-up looks using some tried and tested methods from industry professionals. Read on for some fantastic tricks of the trade.

Invest in High Quality Make-Up

One of the first things you will need to consider is investing in a high quality make-up kit. Whilst cheaper brands offer value for money, their products often lack the quality of premium make-up brands, and don’t tend to last as long, meaning they will actually end up costing you more. Try investing in brands such as MAC, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown and NARS which come highly recommended by industry professionals. They also tend to have a much wider range of colours to choose from, ensuring a much better match for your skin tone.

A Good Base Makes All The Difference

If you’ve ever wondered why your foundation flakes, doesn’t sit right or doesn’t give you that flawless finish, it’s probably because you haven’t put a base on first. Using a primer is one tip we can’t stress enough. Not only will it help to shrink your pores and even your skin tone, but it will also help to give your make-up some staying power. If you’re conscious of wearing too much product on your face, a BB Cream may be a more suitable alternative, providing you with the benefits of a foundation, primer and moisturiser in one which can usually help to create that flawless finish.

Try Contouring for An Enhanced Look

Contouring and highlighting have been standard practice for make-up artists for years, but thanks to famous names such as Kim Kardashian, it is becoming a much more widespread art, and one which is easier to achieve! Invest in either foundations, powders or (our personal secret preference) eye-shadow shades which are lighter and darker than your foundation colour. Focus on highlighting areas such as your cheek bones, your forehead, nose and chin whilst using the darker shade to contour your temples, the hollows of your cheeks, jawline and the sides of your nose. Blend carefully for a defined, professional look.

Create Perfect Lips with Lipliner

Lipliner is another product which is often neglected when applying make-up, but it actually has a range of benefits. Rather than choosing contrasting lip colours, match your lipliner to either your natural lip shade, or the colour of your chosen lipstick. Line your lips carefully around the outside, and fill them in with the pencil. Apply lipstick over the lipliner to create a stronger colour which lasts. Your lips will have that professional touch and the liner will help to stop your colour from smudging around your face!

By adopting a few new techniques, you can be sure to create flawless make-up looks to rival any professional. Proper application, including using brushes will help to create blended, natural looking make-up which lasts. Follow our tips and see the difference they can make to your make-up application.