Arabic Make Up Style

Arabic eye makeup is thought to be one of most complex makeover techniques and this is the reason why many women don’t even try it.


Apart from smoky eye makeup, a subtle Arabic eye look can be applied for casual night outs and evening parties as well.


The tips and techniques will help you to achieve the cult look which I call it the Arab Diva-style smoky eyes makeup look: Once you are familiar with the basic guidelines of how to create smoky eyes, it’s pretty simple.

1. Grab an eye shadow palette or at least two eye pigments


If you really want to achieve an appealing Arabic eye makeup look, you need to pick at least two shades of eye shadow or eye pigment in order to create a fantastic fusion of different colours on your eyes.


Consider your eyelids a canvas and paint your eyes with brushes, but do it carefully. Avoid unflattering colour combinations and unnecessary creasing.


Make sure that your palette contains at least one dark shade to obtain a smoky touch on the outer corners of eyes.

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2. A gliding kohl, false lashes and a highlighter are a must have


Before starting the Arabic eye makeup, keep things in front of your mirror; gliding kohl to create perfect cat eyes and false lashes to bring ultimate grace to this captivating eye makeup look.


Thick lashes also sustain a sort of base of darker shades of eye shadows.


Apart from smooth kohl and fake lashes, highlighter is crucial for highlighting the brow bone and the area below the eyes.

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3. Begin with a primer


We want to avoid unwanted creasing to obtain the desired look with Arabic eye makeup. To get the look right we need to use an eye primer. We usually skip the application of primers but it will not be applicable in case of Arabic eye makeup as it is entirely different from your routine eye makeup looks.

4. Apply winged/cat eyeliner with ultimate finishing


Ordinary eye liner look will not suit on Arabic eye makeup. If you want to obtain a well-finished eye makeup look, use gel liners or liquid liners (as per your preference) on the upper lash line and glide some kohl on the lower lash line (if required).


Line your eyes from the inner corner to the outer corner, the trick here is to make it appear almond shaped and a bit extended from the outer corner. Also line the lower lash line keeping it medium thick to highlight the eyes.

5. Know where to use your dark and light eye shadows


Though, eye makeup can be done by using numerous shades of eye pigments, but the conventional Arabic eye makeup look includes the application of dark shadow on the crease line and outer corners. While lighter colours like silver, gold or other softer shades are applied on the middle of eyelids.


Clean off all fall-outs with your concealer and apply a coat of your favourite mascara, you may also apply false eyelashes.

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6. Perfect knowledge and use of eye makeup brushes


A flat brush for the application of eye shadow and a tiny tapered brush for creasing and smudging the shadow are needed not only for Arabic eye makeup but also for all types of eye makeup.


These basic rules along with common finishing techniques will help you to get sultry Arabic eye makeup look easily.

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You can pair this look with both Indian and Western wear. Keep the lips light or nude and let the eyes be the centre of the attraction. This look is magical and suits both long and short hair.

Dina Makiya