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Foxy Eyes Makeup

Have you got bored with the classic cat-eye? If the answer is yes, you are in the right place! Check now a complete guide foxy eyes makeup, as well as amazing tips and tricks to rock your eye makeup!


Inspired by the upturned, alluring eyes of the fox, this makeup style can help you elongate and brighten your eyes. To achieve the hottest trend in makeup for Spring/Summer 2020, you only need a few tips and practice. The best thing is it’s easier than doing a perfect winged eyeliner!


For the foxy eyes makeup, you’ll need a Charlotte Tilbury black liquid eyeliner, Sephora micellar water, a white eyeliner pencil, Bobbi Brown black mascara, and a few Q-tips.


Start your eye makeup, using your liquid eyeliner to create an inward-facing, sharp triangle at the inner corner of your eyes. For a more precise result, prefer a super-slim eyeliner applicator. If you don’t make it for the first time, don’t worry. That’s why you have the Q-tips and the micellar water. If you did a mistake, just clean everything and start again. Practice makes perfect!


Then, move on to the outer corner of your eyes, creating a wing lower than you would on a usually winged cat-eye. Start at the outer part of your eye and pull outward. Draw a thin line on your upper lash line and connect the lines. After you finish with the eyeliner, take a thin eye makeup brush and slightly smudge the eyeliner to give a softer look to your eyes.


To make your eyes look a little bigger, take a white or light pink eye pencil, and draw your waterline. Apply a deep black mascara, focusing on the outer lashes to uplift your look even more. That’s all!

Bella Hadid (foxy eyes)

Don’t forget your brows! To uplift your eyes and create the perfect foxy eye makeup, you need to care about your eyebrows too. Eyebrows can ruin or polish up your look, that’s why it’s a good idea to pay attention to them too. Brush your eyebrows upward and fill in them where is necessary. You can use a pen, pencil, powder, or an eyebrow gel.


The last is the most reliable option. Tip: You can apply a little hairspray on your eyebrows brush to fix the brows and make them stay perfect all day long.

A few more tricks to fake an eye lift with just a little makeup

The eye area is most sensitive and prone to reveal our age or if we are tired. Uplifting your eyes with makeup only may not bring the result you dreamt of. Check a few useful tricks to lift your look to perfection.



Dab a little highlighter along the arch of your eye and blend well, so you have just a subtle glow. So simple, yet so effective!


Contouring the eye

Take a light-coloured shadow and apply near your lash line, going up to the crease. Then, use a slightly darker shade along the crease and blend well.


Take care of your eyes

Beautiful makeup cannot be perfect if you don’t moisturise or treat the signs of ageing. Use a good eye serum or cream every morning and evening to promote elasticity and firm the area.

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