Go Wild With Modern Glamour SS2020 – Back To The 80’s

Spring 2020 has seen many looks and one of them is a retro 80’s look. My top tip to you is to focus on the part that you like the most whether it’s your eyes or lips, and recreate the 80’s. So ask yourself the question, which is the part you like most?


Since we are all spending more time at home, there is no time than the present to take the opportunity to practice some of these looks. Not only it’s fun to play with makeup but it is also a calming activity. This spring it’s all about mixing and matching, intensely pigmented shades, bright neons, glossy textures and lots of sparkle.


One of the favorite looks in modern glamour: mixing and matching textures and colors. It is the one that incorporates all of the elements for a “stand-out” look and there is no doubt about it. You are one confident woman to pull this look off but it can be super fun to go a little over the top.


Basically you can play with it and build it to the level you feel comfortable with. You can also choose to go softer with eye-lining your eyes using a black pencil start half way from the middle of your top and lower lash line and join them at the outer corner of the eyes. If you prefer to use brown instead of a black pencil to achieve a more natural look then you can do that too.


You can also choose your mascara color in a dark brown or a black shade. Keep the natural look of your feathered eyebrows. Pick either a sparkly color or a bold color in a lighter shade and apply it all over your eyelid start from the inner corner of the eye and move outward. Then contour the eyelid by using a darker shade ¾ way from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eyes in < shape. Apply more of the color under your eyeliner in the lower lash line starting at the inner corner and follow it to the outer corner where it joins with the rest of the eye shadow color.


Meanwhile you can use this old makeup artist trick with a concealer and a cotton bud you can go over your eye shadow mistakes and correct it, so don’t worry!


I have not mentioned foundation and concealer but I would recommend a face and eye primer. The trend is to stay glowing which you can achieve by slathering a mixture of moisturizers and cream highlighters and strobe creams underneath (basically your foundation).


Make sure to use setting powders in certain areas on the face so your skin does not look too oily. Use your bronzer with a brush and apply it on the temples under cheekbones and jawline like E shape. A pink blush is trendy to wear on the apples of the cheeks if you like having fun with colors. Last but not least, to finish the look with a shade of purple lipstick in gloss or lip stain or just go for a red shade if you feel daring and playful.


Then accessorize with dazzling jewels to complete the look for a ready party girl! ALOHA…

Recommendations to create the look:

Crushed liquid lip in Smoothie move by Bobbi Brown.


The look of a liquid lipstick full coverage formula offering nourishing comfort and moisture both instantly and over time. It’s also great for every occasion!

Shimmer Brick compact by Bobbi Brown.  This shimmering brush on powder creates a soft rosy glow.

Pure color Love cooling highlighter in Moon shine by Estee Lauder. This deep dome shape makes it easy to add a moist pearly glow to cheeckbones, temples, forehead and Cupid’s bow.

Daywear moisturizer by Estee Lauder. Apply it before makeup to leave your skin feeling refreshed and smooth without looking oily.


Marcjacobs fineliners ultra skinny gel Eye Crayon sold at Sephora. Waterproof and smooth precision for all day wear. In Blacquer and Truffled shades.


New AtLash’ d Lengthening and Curling mascara by Marcjacobs. For extreme length and full extension lash look.  Vegan, flake and smudge resistant formula long wear mascara.

New Luxury Palette in Mesmerising Maroon from Charlotte Tilburry- Eyeshadow palette with rich purple, plum and maroon shades. Limited edition!

Dina Makiya