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My Basic Face – Quick Lockdown Hacks

Don’t let the lockdown let your skin health down. Take back control and elevate your mood and rejuvenate your skin and claim back control even if it seems it’s not a priority.


We need to look after our skin and general beauty because if you let distress and anxiety take over it will result in your skin suffering with dehydration and end up with skin breakouts.


Good skin is like a canvas where you are painting on, so wear a bit of colour in your lives in order to feel good and the best thing is that you only need a few products to achieve it.


I am going to show you how my “Basic Face” is achieved. It is like saying what do I need to get me out of the door.


First apply your skincare routine as you normally do: cleanse or wash, tone, then eye cream followed by face cream with SPF.


Tip 1: I recommend using a serum like a collagen booster, especially if you had a late night or have not had a good night sleep!


Tip 2: Wearing SPF is recommended to protect you from UV light getting through the windows at home or even when you are sitting at your computer.


“Basic Face” can be re-adapted to the new lifestyle many of us are leading such as working from home or socialising via video conferencing, so what is better than to look your best with these easy quick fixes that give your skin the help it needs to revitalise and glow.


My Basic Face Recommendations

By Terry foundation –Light-Expert click brush. 2-in-1 Foundation brush.


A beautiful brightening base for dulled and lacklustre complexions. Sheer base yet buildable in colour Rosy beige.


Nars concealer – Soft Matte complete concealer in colour Honey to blur any imperfections and used to cover under eyes dark circles.


Best used with a concealer brush to get the optimum result.


Chanel Healthy glow sheer powder in No.30. It adds a touch of radiance to the skin and looks like you have just been in the outdoors.


Eyeshadow from Bobbi Brown in Shell. You just apply it above the crease line so you take away the heaviness of the eyelid and the eyes look wide awake.


Charlotte Tilbury Full fat lashes mascara will give you a curl, separation volume, length and last drama for a false lash effect lashes in glossy black.

charlotte-tilbury-FULL FAT LASHES

Pixi Mattelast liquid lip long wear and hydrating with vitamin E. Apply to lips for a quick burst of color in Pastel petal and to cheeks for a creamy blusher effect.

Dina Makiya