Hermès Launches Lipstick Inspired By Their Iconic Birkin Bag & It’s Affordable!

This Valentine’s day you can put on your wish list the latest Hermès lipstick which launched their long anticipated beauty product, the lipstick range known as “Rouge Hermès”, and we were there at the launch event at Paris on 5th February and sampled the product…. Lipstick has just got a whole lot more luxurious, and this will shake up the market a bit… a lot in fact!


To top it all, their wrapping their product offering with a sustainability concept with a refill system and the packaging is plastic-free using the same metals used in their handbags.


Just about one of the most powerful names in the industry moves into the Beauty market after nearly 200 years, and inspired by their most coveted handbag, the Birkin, who would not want one of those lipsticks in their make-up repertoire???


Rouge Hermès, comes in 24 shades in matte and satin.  The matte formula range offers shades inspired by their iconic Birkin bag, with a soft leather texture whilst the satin range is inspired by their classic silk scarves.  Now you can wear a lipstick that matches exactly with your Hermès scarf or Birkin bag or both.


A new lipstick will set you back a wopping $67 (approx £52) whilst a refill will cost you $42 (approx £33), but we think it is worth it.


With that said, hows the market reacting to this news?  Are the other brands worried?  Will everyone invest in a Hermès lipstick?  You tell us what you think either in the comments below or on our Instagram for launch day images.