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Unless you are home bound with a brow threading relative, those brows are going to take a kicking and take you back to your school days before you discovered tweezers….


It’s all back to basics with many elements of our life and eyebrows are one of the many things on the list. So a little grooming at home can recoup your expression with these simple steps and advice.


Here are some inspirational ideas before we get stuck in with the process to shape your brows.


  • Milan Pret a Porter Woman SS 2020 Alberta Ferretti show
    Milan Pret a Porter Woman Spring/Summer 2020 Alberta Ferretti show




STEP 1 If you’ve lost the shape you’ve longed to have, then there is no better time then the present to achieve your desired brow and let them grow out (this could take 6-8 weeks) This way the shape of your natural brow will be more clearer.

Bushy Brows 2020-03-29 at 19.55.21

Let it grow!  Give it time whilst you #stayathome, and isolate and stay safe.

Bushy Brows 2020-03-29 at 19.55.21

STEP 2 Take a pencil and line it in an angle from the middle of your nostril and mark a dot with a liner pencil this is where start of your brow should be.


STEP 3 Move the pencil to pivot from your nostril up through to the highest part of your arch and mark again.


STEP 4  Again pivot the pencil towards the end of the outer corner of your eye and that’s where your eyebrow will finish.


STEP 5 Trim the brows but not close. Best rule is to brush hairs up with a comb or a mascara brush and snip the very long hairs only.


STEP 6 For a painless pluck. Massage some of your favourite facial oil or any other oil. This will lubricate your skin and hair follicle which will ease the hair extract.


STEP 7 Now if there are a lot of hairs to rid of you can wax but stay clear from the brow edge and swipe below to avoid going back to step one (6-8 weeks wait). Daylight is your best friend in this case and a magnifying mirror then pluck away in the direction of the hair growth. Start beneath the brow in a line one hair at a time.


STEP 8 Use an aloe vera gel to ease the irritation and cool the redness down.


STEP 9 To fill in the gaps use a brow pencil close to your hair shade in feather strokes. Comb through with a brow gel to keep the hairs in place normally upwards and neaten on the upper edge.


If all fails, you can always hide your brows with these funky pieces from Area NYCSS20.


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