Pros and Cons of Botox Injections

We all have considered them, hell some of us even have Botox parties. Before you go and commit to a needle of Botox, consider some of the facts before your next Botox appointment.

As we all get older, many of us try to fight the signs of aging. The battle against wrinkles and fine lines has millions of men and women all around the world singing the praises of Botox injections. Even celebrities have sworn by these simple injections, which have been FDA approved. However, are Botox injections really as good as others claim? Are the results worth the pain that comes with the prick of the needle? Let us explore the pros and cons of Botox injections.

The main ingredient in Botox is botulinum A, which is manufactured from a particular type of bacteria known to cause a range of symptoms from food poisoning and ultimately, death. This poison undergoes a purification process which eliminates the dangerous elements and is then injected into the patient. The patient experiences a temporary muscle paralysis in the injected area which results in a smoother, youthful appearance.

One particular con comes with extended usage. With repeated use, the muscles (particularly in the face) lose their ability to create regular expressions, for instance, smiles, as the muscles become stiff and cannot move naturally. Some Hollywood directors claim that certain actors cannot convincingly portray a variety of different facial expressions due to the amount of Botox they have had.

A major pro of Botox injections is that it is a non-invasive procedure where the patient does not need to stay in hospital or require general/local anaesthesia. The procedure typically takes place in a specialised clinic or beauty spa and only takes a few minutes to do. It is the ‘quick fix’ of the cosmetic industry. Within a few minutes, fine lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles around the eyes, forehead and mouth are instantly banished. This is why it is so popular.

Another con of undergoing Botox injections is the level of pain required to deal with. When a patient signs up for Botox, it means enduring several injections into various parts of the body which are highly sensitive and tender.

The cost of Botox can also be classed as a definite con. Depending on which clinic or spa you go to, the cost of each session of Botox can range from around $250 to $500 (£159 – £319) and most insurance companies will not cover this expense. The battle against the effects of aging can become an expensive one but in comparison with plastic surgery, it is a much more cost-effective one.

As with any medical procedures, there are certain risks you have to be aware of before allowing the needle to come anywhere near your skin. If the Botox injections are not administered properly, some of your facial expressions can become askew. For injections around the eyes these include a sagging eye or even the capability to close them. For injections administered in the vicinity of the mouth, it can cause an uneven mouth and allow the patient to drool.

Botox injections administered in the eyebrows are typically used to create a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed facial expression, but if it is not done correctly it can result in a shocked expression. In addition, some patients have experienced bleeding and bruising around the area the injections are administered. Doctors advise patients not to use ibuprofen as these symptoms can be exaggerated with it.

With regular use of Botox injections, the muscles in the face, especially around the eyes and mouth, can become weak and deteriorate. This can result in an aged appearance in these areas, especially if someone in their 20s and 30s start using Botox injections when it isn’t necessary.

Plastic surgery can be quite a drastic and daunting prospect for many patients, so Botox injections are seen as a less scary option. The effects of these injections are much more subtle than cosmetic surgery so for those seeking major instantaneous results, Botox isn’t the right way to go.

An additional con to having Botox injections is that there are doctors who will try and scam you with the goods. It is important that you ask the experts all the right questions. One particular question to ask if how many units of Botox they plan to use in each session. If the practitioner is cautious in answering, then there is the distinct possibility they are trying to scam you with the costs of the drug. Botox can be diluted in various ways, allowing the clinic to charge for additional sessions unnecessarily.

Further questions any patient needs to ask is whether the Botox used is actually produced by Allergan (all vials are marked with the company’s hologram), how long the person administrating the drug has been practising and whether they have any qualifications in cosmetic surgery or dermatology. A beauty consultant should not be performing this type of procedure. Another question is how many patients they have administered Botox to in the last twelve months.

Before undergoing Botox injections, it is important that you understand each of the various pros and cons and ask all the relevant questions.