Social Media is Changing the Face of the Beauty Industry

No one can deny the huge impact social media has had in every aspect of our daily lives, from communication, to the way we meet people to the way and reason we buy products. One industry social media has caused a lot of changes in is the beauty industry. Below are some of the ways social media is shaping the beauty industry.


Different Platforms – Different People
From Facebook, to Instagram and every social media platform in-between, there are millions of people that use and interact with social media every day. This opens up huge possibilities for businesses that want to market their products on there, as it is a form of advertising like no other. Different brands may use different social media sites depending on what they’re looking to market.

For example, for more visual products they may use Instagram and Pinterest, but use Facebook and Twitter to upload short tutorials on how to use their products. Social media also makes it very easy for brands to reach out to specific demographics, through online ads that I’m sure you see pop up all the time down your news-feed!


Word Of Mouth
‘Word of mouth’ has always been a very beneficial way of marketing products, but social media makes creating it so much easier – especially when it comes to beauty products. When brands constantly speak to their online fans / community through their social media pages – this creates a sense of rapport between the brand and the consumer, therefore creating a good reputation through word of mouth.

Another clever way beauty brands kick-start word of mouth is through paid advertising, they may pay a celebrity or social influencer to review their product on social media which aids in giving the product and brand publicity.


Growing Niche’s
Now more than ever before, people with all types of styles and interests have accessibility to exactly the kind of products they want through social media and the internet. Equally, these niche’s are growing through the exposure they get online.

Therefore, for smaller and unique brands, social media is an amazing way to reach out and connect with your niche target audience – where as this would have been a lot harder to do in the past. Social media seems to be the basis of marketing now due to the sheer amount of people that engage with it every day.


Omnichanel Strategy
In recent years, consumers no longer just have access to brands in just one way. This means that people want to see consistency from your website and across all of your social media channels. For example, a consumer may firstly see a product on Pinterest, then go onto Twitter to read what people have been saying about it, then go onto YouTube to watch a tutorial on how to use it, to then going onto your website to purchase. This means brands have to market across all potential sectors of the internet and social media.


Finally… social media is pretty important across all markets, especially the beauty industry. Were excited to see how it will grow and develop in the years ahead!

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