A New Beginning For Chanel

Summer 2020 which was first Chanel Ready to wear solo by Virginie Viard since the passing of Karl Lagerfeld. The show set evoking the gray, zinc-lined rooftops of the Rue Cambon.

The show also had an unexpected prank by 28-year-old French YouTuber and comedian Marie Benoliel who did jump in the catwalk mixing herself with the models.


The security guards didn’t like it, and the models soon realized she was an imposter. But then again, she was perfectly dressed wearing Chanel , and everyone in the auditorium laughed along with her. You couldn’t help thinking how Karl Lagerfeld would’ve been amused, because isn’t that the essence of what Chanel girl actually wants to be today—chic and a lot of fun?


The 58-year-old new creative director Virginie Viard has not deviated from the aesthetic that helped turn the fabled fashion house into a $100 billion company.


In fact, she’s worked for no one else, starting her career as a Chanel intern and working her way up to become Lagerfeld’s design director, his virtual right hand throughout the decades. She, perhaps more than most, understood his process, the look he wanted to create and the messages he wanted to convey.

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