Everything you need to know about investing in a designer handbag

Many women have aspirations of owning a designer handbag.  Iconic labels such as Louis Vuitton, Mulberry, Prada and more have a certain element of status about them, which will not only help us feel like we’ve made it, but also that we can emulate the style of icons that we respect.  A designer handbag is an expensive investment, but one that will certainly pay off.  We tell you everything that you need to know about investing in a designer handbag to help you make the best decision for you.

Why invest in a designer handbag?

Some things really are worth what you pay for them, and a designer handbag is certainly one of them.  Made from high quality materials, with great designs and craftsmanship designer brands do not mass produce their items like more affordable fashion labels would.  Therefore your designer handbag is likely to far outlive all of your other handbags, retaining its shape and quality and even improving with age.  As opposed to shoes, coats and other fashion items, handbags rarely go out of style so a designer handbag is something that you can cherish and keep forever.

Tips for choosing the right handbag

  1. Work out a budgetSetting a budget for your designer handbag is crucial. Â Having a set figure in mind will stop you from looking at bags which you know are out of your price range and help you to make a sensible investment.
  2. Do some researchYou may have already seen a style that you’re set on, but it can’t hurt to have a look at what else is out there. Search online for celebrities whose style you admire and see what handbags they use and take a look at collections of your favourite designers. Having a shortlist of styles can stop you from making an impulse buy.Consider what you’ll use your bag for

A bag might look great, but it may not be very practical for your needs. A small bag for example may not be great for day to day errands whilst an oversized bag may way you down.  Make sure you think about what you want to use your bag for before you decide to buy.


Buying a designer handbag

You may find it difficult to find your dream bag in Saudi Arabia, depending on where you live, but fortunately there are plenty of options available to you online.  Many designer brands ship to internationally, including Saudi Arabia, whilst designer department stores in the UK and the US such as Harvey Nicholls, Macy’s, Net-a-porter and others will all ship for a relatively low fee.  As you won’t be able to see your bag in person, it’s important to check return policies before you make a purchase in case you’re not happy with it.


Even if you do your best to look after your new designer handbag, you never know what could cause it to break or become damaged. Most designers offer a repairs service for their bags, and will also provide you with information about cleaning and maintenance in order to keep your bag looking its best.

Investing in a luxury designer handbag is an exciting moment, but always make sure that it’s something that you can afford and won’t lead to debts or money problems.  Choose a style which reflects your personality and you know will work with your everyday style. We can’t wait to start looking for our own designer piece!