Lady In Red – The Effect of Wearing Red

Red is often thought of as being bold, bright and powerful, making it an excellent choice if you want to get yourself noticed. When we think of usual office wear or formal colour palette’s, we think of black, white, grey and navy tend to spring to mind, and it’s beginning to get tired. However, red can be a fantastic colour to embrace, helping you feel confident and vibrant. We take a look at the shade that’s getting noticed, for all of the right reason.


A Brief History of Red

Red is thought of in many ways, and often these are negative. Fire, danger, warnings, these are all strongly associated with red. But thought of in another way, red is used in this way in order to alert us to something, and make sure all eyes are on it. As an emotional colour, red is also passionate and the colour of romance, it’s because of these connotations that we like to wear the colour, and why it makes a great shade to add to your wardrobe.


How To Wear Red

The great thing about red is that there are many different shades of it, which can be matched to your skin tone, your hair colour amongst other things. You may decide to go head to toe in red to make a statement or even just opt for a hint of red or red accessories to ease you into the colour.

A red dress can be smart or glamorous or even made to look casual with the right accessories, as well as making a nice change to your usual colours. There are a wide range of colours to choose from including burgundy, scarlet or maroon according to your comfort and preference.


Modern Red Clothing

Red clothing needn’t remind you of the 80s. Today’s modern red clothing consists of stylish work dresses, tailored suits, beautiful tops and some great casual wear as well as fantastic pieces mixing colours to create on trend looks.

Mixed with other colours including cream, black and grey, you can create some truly great outfits. Red clothing will help you to subconsciously feel more confident, which will reflect in your attitude and make you feel extra special.
It’s important when wearing red that you keep the rest of your look subtle. Choose hair and make-up which are sophisticated, not garish, in order to create a far better impression.


Red Touches

If you’re not ready to embrace red fully, there are plenty of other ways in which you can work the trend. From wearing red lipstick to some cool red accessories such as a hand bag or your shoes, you can build yourself up to more striking items, whilst still showing off your personal style.

There are many great retailers and designers who are embracing the red trend. Keep an eye out for some fantastic red items over the next season and add some exciting new pieces to your wardrobe for a modern, stylish new look.