Loewe Paula's Ibiza

Loewe Paula’s Ibiza pop-up collection is now a summer classic. We impatiently wait for this collection as much as we wait to go to Ibiza!

Loewe Creative Director J.W. Anderson presented the new collection with a personal note saying “I know this is not exactly the ideal time to launch products, but this is a project all the craftspeople at LOEWE have been lovingly working on for some time, giving life to objects that are exquisitely lively and optimistic as craft always is.


“Ibiza has always been very dear and very personal to me: it’s my deepest tie with Spain, harking back to childhood and adolescence memories.”


With this collection, which sees PAULA’S IBIZA flourish into a fully-fledged offer for men and women complete with vibrant fragrance and playful accessories, I wanted to capture the breezy spirit of the Balearics and celebrate a moment in time that saw the hedonism of these islands expand to influence subcultures across the world.

There is an escapism in rave culture, which germinated here, that I find very timely and I wanted to explore. The collection is a visual feast.


PAULA’S founders Armin Heinemann and Stuart Rudnick created iconic prints inspired by the natural world. I pillaged from this kaleidoscopic archive so that the collection features quite a few of these patterns.

Shape and print enhance one the other: mermaids swim amongst red corals on maxi-dresses and long robes with ruffled sleeves; jikin goldfish wander amongst waterlilies on wide-hemmed capri pants, bolero skirts and swimwear.


The swarming of prints carries on in the accessories: Puzzles, Totes, Cushions, Pouches and Bumbags, but also explorer hats, caps and visors, feature the same mermaid and waterlily motifs.


PAULA’S IBIZA debut fragrance for both men and women; a spontaneous and carefree composition distinguished by a playful dynamic between opposing notes of warm ambergris and fresh coconut water. It’s escapism, bottled.


Well let’s start wearing the collection at home…. And hopefully soon we will be in Ibiza again.

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