Socks Are The New Fashion Statement

You may have noticed that socks aren’t what they used to be!


Think back: for a long time socks were just something you used to cover your feet. Possibly black, probably ankle-height and definitely an afterthought. Socks are now an important part of your outfit at the least, the making of an outfit at most.


Often used from stylist to make it more edgy a classic look on the catwalk , and very often present in the looks presented by Prada , Marni and Miu Miu.


  • Lirka Matoshi
    Daisy Tulle socks by Lirka Matoshi


Fans of Sex and the City will recall the scene in Season 5 where Carrie is stuck in a romantic dry spell and laments that “last night, I actually started writing about my sock drawer.


Gucci did put  $1,340 crystal-studded logo socks  on its Resort 2018 runway and the logo GG socks are generally a sold out from the brand.


Vetement got us addicted to the sporty one with brand name , while the tulle embroidered one by New York based designer Lirka Matoshi are becoming an internet sensation thanks to Instagram.


Renee Caovilla went ultra glam having crystal socks as part of the shoes itself.


What do you think of Socks trend Geek or Cool styling ?


Picture Credit: Lirika Matoshi

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