The Iconic Denim

We all have in our closet a favourite pair of jeans that we’ll always find a good excuse to throw on. Either it’s for a shopping trip, for lunch with friends or even a night out. We are far from the 1950’s when jeans were mainly designed for cowboys and mine workers. They now come in all shapes, colours and fits including skinny, tapered, slim, straight, boot-cut, narrow cut, low waist and flares.


Jeans have been the dressing revolution as to the opposite of any other clothing, our one and only denim gains value and statement over time. The more worn-out, used, ripped they are, the more we love them.


Needless to say that all major fashion designers have complied to the rule introducing jeans in their collections. Indeed, from Dior to Chanel and Versace, all high end trend setters have agreed that Jeans are essential in one’s closet. Regardless of the occasion, a good pair of jeans could be dressed up or dressed down depending on the accessories and shoes worn.


For a nice day out, a pair of straight jeans paired with flats and a cashmere top would be the perfect comfortable outfit. Once night time comes, why not put on that sexy pair of skinny jeans with pointed-toe shoes, a classic jacket and a clutch and you’re good to go.


Although the most common jeans colour is blue (also frequently called denim), the variety of colours that we can find today are just limitless. Take your denim look a step further this spring by incorporating some flashy colours that would make you stand out of the crowd.


Why not break all the rules by wearing bright red slim jeans with a fuchsia top. The explosion of colours would only turn heads and make your friends go green with envy. For the 7 to All Mankind slims to ASOS’s wide-leg jeans and passing by Rag & Bone’s skinny, you have a multitude of shopping options depending on your choice of colours and shapes.

  • Michael Kors - New York Fashion Week SS19
    Michael Kors - New York Fashion Week SS19

Now, when we say “jeans” we usually immediately think pants. But lately the all denim looks has seen a revival from the Milan street look to New York hipster. You might think that an all jeans outfit could be a bit too much to handle but on the contrary. Have you ever considered pairing your favourite white denim short with a sleeveless light blue shirt? And what about an overall, a dungaree, with a red denim shirt? The options are never-ending!


Some of you would probably like to remain “traditional” and stick to the classic blue jeans. But with the weather worming up, nothing is better than a pair of white jeans under your abaya. It is probably the easiest and safest transition if you’re considering going outside your comfort zone. Either you like them embroidered, boot cut or destroyed, you will always be able to rock the look according to your mood of the moment.


Indeed, you can pair your white jeans with a nice silk shirt, a classic Chanel jacket and flats for a lunch out. Maybe you would feel more comfortable wearing with your white ripped jeans a simple t-shirt and a pair of converse. Either way, you will never go wrong with the confidence you would get from your look.



When it comes to jeans and maintenance, we all now how frustrating it could be sometimes to wash that favourite pair of jeans. Despite the fact that we follow all the rules: turning them inside out for the wash and laying them flat to dry, there is never a guarantee that our beloved dark skinnies would not fade and weirdly get transformed onto leggings.


We often push endlessly the time to wash our jeans by fright to “lose them” until they are not so loved anymore. Well guess what, according to the Levi’s denim experts there is a very simple solution: freeze you jeans. Yup, you read well, I did say freeze your jeans, as in putting them in the freezer overnight for your next time.


According to the experts, when wearing jeans, a bacteria develops on our skin following the contact of the skin and the denim. Consequently, an odour results from that bacteria transferring to the jeans. The best way to get ride of these smells while not having to wash them yet (still according to Levi’s denim experts) is to simply freeze your jeans. Indeed, the low temperature of the freezer would kill the bacteria that has transferred from your skin to your jeans. It won’t kill 100% of them, but enough so it won’t smell anymore the next time you would have to wear them. Just remember to let them warm up first before putting them on…!

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