Wardrobe Essential: The Nude Pump

What girl doesn’t love heels? Whether they are strappy, jewelled, bright, shiny or sparkly there is nothing quite like slipping on a pair of sky high heels to make you feel confident and feminine (it’s amazing what a couple of inches under your heel can do!). But even with something as glamourous as a pair of heels there needs to be a certain sense of practicality if we are going to get the wear out of them that they deserve. This is where the nude pump comes into it’s own.

The nude pump is essential whether you are a girl who rocks a pair of six inch heels on a daily basis, or the type who will only put her feet through that kind of extreme torture for very special occasions. The reason being the match absolutely EVERYTHING, they could even bring a certain level of sex appeal to your dowdiest pyjamas if you really wanted to try that out!

Going to work? Then pair your skirt suit or tailored pants with a nude pump. Off to a cocktail party? Then slip on your cutest LBD, your glitziest earrings and your nude pumps and you’re ready to go. Heading for a Saturday afternoon lunch? Then slip on your skinny jeans, a clean white tee, a sharp tailored blazer and you guessed it your trusty ol’ nude pumps.

I could continue on forever about everything you could pair a nude pump with and that is exactly the beauty of them, they genuinely do match just about anything you can think of. Invest in a quality pair of pointed nude leather pumps and you will be set, they are the lazy fashionistas best friend as it takes no thought to match them with anything.

Just in case you weren’t already sold another added advantage of the nude pump is that the flesh tone of the shoe creates an optical illusion which makes it seem as though your legs go for days, just what every girl wants.

Whether you go for suede, patent or calf skin the nude pump is without an absolute essential for every woman worth her weight in Louboutins.