The Top 5 Benefits of Endurance Outdoor Exercise

In combination with a nutritious diet, a regular exercise programme can improve your health, mood and aid you in losing weight. Muscle endurance exercise includes any muscle-strengthening activity that increases muscular endurance, the ability to perform exercise for an extended time. Now, let’s discuss its benefits.

Increased Energy Levels


If you feel you want to function better in everyday activities, you should consider endurance exercise as it improves the body’s ability to carry out normal functions more effectively.


This includes improved function of the cardiovascular system, heart and lungs due to increased oxygen capacity. Tasks that may seem hard to carry out daily such as running or getting up stairs get easier after endurance exercise workouts.


Help With Weight Control


As part of a doctor-approved nutrition plan, muscle endurance exercises can aid you in weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight.


Weight loss occurs when your body burns more calories that what is consumed, endurance workouts are excellent in burning calories and therefore increasing your metabolic rate (which means you will burn calories even when you’re not exercising).


Decreased Risk of Disease


Over time, endurance workouts and physical activity in general helps to decrease the risk of serious health issues and diseases. Studies state that exercise is beneficial in decreasing symptoms in a range of diseases, one being obstructive pulmonary disease, a lung ailment that makes breathing difficult.


Exercise also helps in a range of other things relating to your health, such as decreasing blood cholesterol levels, blood pressure, the risk of diabetes, heart disease and strokes. It is important to live a balanced lifestyle, and good nutrition teamed with doing regular endurance exercises is a great way to stay healthy.


Improve Your Strength and Get Toned


Exercising physically is a beneficial way of increasing your muscle strength and toning up your body.  As endurance exercises involve performing activities repetitively for an extended period of time, including exercise such as high-repetition programmes and strength training using light weights, your muscles will get stronger over time.


Rather than creating bulky muscles, that are more often achieved with lifting large weights, endurance exercise creates a more toned look.

Improve Your Look – And Your Mood


Studies show that exercise is an excellent way of decreasing stress levels, and therefore uplifting your mood.


So along with looking better, endurance exercise can help you feel better. The “feel good” chemicals called endorphins are released during extended physical activity and aid you in feeling calmer and happier.


Exercise is also a great way to vent negative feelings or tension in a healthy and beneficial way.



Extra Tip


If you’re going to enjoy the full benefits of endurance exercise, why not try working out outside? Your local park would be a great place to try out some of these exercises, as you get to workout and experience the beauty of nature all at the same time!