Frequently Asked Questions

Interview FAQ

If you are preparing for an interview, well done, you have got past the short listing process and obviously the recruiter or employer is interested in you. So preparing for your interview is essential, that way during your interview you would be relaxed and have covered all your basis and as important the interviewer will recognise your preparation.

The questions will be about you, your background and your experience, so nothing surprising there, know yourself and answer with confident and try to relate to the company and/or role. Also make sure you are aware of what you have put in your CV, many people get caught out by being asked questions about their CV and the candidate has forgotten the detail in their CV.

Do no waffle, be clear and specific and concise. Try to limit answers to 1 minute each unless the question warrants a longer answer. Remember you might be asked anywhere between 10-20 questions, some require yes or no answers whist others require longer, and you don’t really want the interview to go on longer than necessary. You will get all sorts of questions and its good to know what type of question you are being asked and to answer it accordingly.

Lastly, do not forget that you are also interviewing them, so impress them with some questions relating to the company you are being interviewed for and the role or subject matter. Find out more about the role and progression within the company. Understand the management structure within the role you are applying for. Keep questions about the potential remuneration till the end of the interview.

Do your research about the company and if there is a positive story or press release about the company, ask a question about that, which shows you’ve done your homework. Ask if there are any training opportunities as you would like to increase your knowledge base. Ask about the management reporting matrix and how you fit within it.