Optimum Cover Letters

When sending your CV, it may not be immediately clear which job you are applying for, and considering the fact employers and recruiters receive 100’s of CVs a day, you need to make sure that your CV gets to the right person who has been empowered to manage the recruitment process for a specific role or the recruiter who has the client mandate.


Therefore the cover letter is an essential document that when partnered with a well written CV, makes your chances in standing out as a professional candidate that much greater. A cover letter is your sales pitch, and your CV is your specifications.  If the sales pitch is not clear, you are on a losing streak.

Job Cover Letter

A cover letter positions you to the reader, even if there are no specific roles available at the target company, but may standout that the reader would pro-actively share it with other departments.


Furthermore, it is rare to have a person fit a role perfectly, and hence your cover letter will help your employers/recruiter know where you’ll fit in within the organisation and the role.


There are so many ways that your cover letter can relate to the role you are applying for and to highlight your suitability for the role in question.