Should You Use A Professional CV Service?

Irrespective of the current job market climate, it is always a challenge to position yourself above the rest. Your CV is the first thing that any employer or recruiter sees and its the first impression they will form of you from that document. Although you may have a great CV layout and content, but it is from your own perspective and not necessarily from the perspective of the recipients which is as important.


One fact remains unchanged – a professionally written CV can dramatically increase your chances of getting noticed. Professional CV authors will tailor your CV to suite the industry you are in or wish to be in. It is a small investment but its worth the independent review and re-structuring by a professional CV writer, and it should help to:

  • Get more recruiters to contact you
  • Get contacted by recruiters 3X faster
  • Increase your chances for success by upto 25%
  • Earn an average of £2,000 ~ £4,000 more per year


The content of your CV is crucial. Its the foundation to a lot of other sub-data sets. In simple terms, you will cut ‘n’ paste a significant amount of the CV contents and place it in structured data systems such as Potential Exchange, therefore the more rich and valuable the content the better for you and a winning job searching project. The professional CV services company will also offer other new media methods of CV such as video CVs and website CVs.


Before using professional services, it might be worth while to get your CV critiqued by friends, family and other professional colleagues. It will help you in better understand your CV and how others perceive it.


We have teamed up with the most professional and successful CV authors, and we bring you their services in one cohesive system, and they will have access to your profile to build the platform for a successful CV. You can communicate and liaise with them throughout the CV development process, and the history of the communications is documented for efficiency and quality purposes.