If Saudi women could drive, what kind of cars would we drive?

Currently, Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world where women are prohibited from driving, making it a unique and interesting country to discover more about what’s happening there.  We don’t know what will happen in the future but if we were given the right to drive, what would it be like?  What kind of cars would we drive?  For now, we can only dream but it’s fun to think about what might be if things were different!

With that in mind, if we could drive, we think our cars would be:


It would be great to drive around the streets in a bright, colourful car.  What better way to show off the fact that we can drive than with a stand out car that will surely be noticed as it whizzes past you on the street.


Whilst we may not always be able to show it, us Saudi women are great fans of fashion and trends. Our ideal cars would be sporty and sleek, with plenty of great features and details to show off our fantastic style.


We’re not talking about alloy wheels, spoilers and other so-called features we know nothing about.  We’re talking about cool, useful features that will make driving around a breeze.  From super-sized mirrors to check our reflections to cool cup holders for our takeaway drinks, we’d love to have some great feminine features to have in our vehicles.  A jukebox of our favourite songs would also make a great bonus for those long, boring journeys.


How nice would it be to have a car that cleans itself?  We have plenty of cleaning to do at home without worrying about cleaning the car too so a car that takes care of itself will be a handy feature to have indeed.

Plenty of boot space!

Every car needs plenty of room for all of those shopping purchases.  Whether it’s a large back seat or a really deep boot, we’re going to need all of the space we can get for all of our new shopping bags!

It’s fun to imagine what our cars would be like, even if they’re not in our immediate future.  What would your dream car be like? Does our dream car sound great or is there something else that you would like to see? Let us know in our comments below!