Girl Power

Recently I was on a plane, flying within the kingdom, and during the flight, I was offered some newspapers, so I picked up two, Al-Jazeera and Al-Hayat, and I casually flicked through their drab pages of recycled news and page after page of men, and it struck me.

Is the press here so biased as well? Does everything revolve around men? Surely people have not forgotten that these men, in the positions that they are in and smugly posing for the camera were born out of a woman and most likely brought up and pushed into the directions of education by a woman?

The general imaginary one sees in these newspapers of women is generally derogatory, either the sad mother who lost a child in a conflict somewhere in the Arab world, vailed behind the scenes, or glamorised and dolly-fied with 3mm of makeup.

I remember a song by the late James Brown, if you have not heard of him, then you must be in your early 20’s, and just for the record, his music is the base of a lot of the music you early 20’s listen to, anyway, he has a beautiful song, it is called “It’s a Man’s World”, but complimented with “It would be nothing without a woman”. Think about it…!