The One & Only: Queen Elizabeth II – Happy Birthday To You

Probably one of the most recognised woman in the world.  She is also an extraordinary woman who has lived through wars, pandemics, multiple global financial crisis and many personal tragedies, yet stands strong and resolute and loves her people and country.


No politician or public figure comes close to this woman’s cachet, style and elegance that spans 67 years in one job as The Queen. Who can say they have their face stamped on every postal stamp?  (Yes, people still use stamps and postal service aka Royal Mail).


At the age of 25 she became the head of state for the UK and the Commonwealth, checkout Netflix “The Crown” to brush up on some of that history, a great watch specially now that most of us we are all in lockdown.

  • The Queen
    The Queen

Even the Queen is fully connected to social media, she has several accounts of course managed by a team of communication specialists.  She has shared poignant private home videos of the Queen playing with her younger sister Margaret. The touching archive films from the Royal Collection Trust reveal candid memories of the two sisters growing up and provide a rare insight into family life for the Queen as a young Princess Elizabeth.


In a strong display of unity, Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Charles led tributes for the monarch after a turbulent week for the Royal Family in which Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to withdraw all forms of cooperation from many of the country’s most popular news titles.


43 years ago the punk rock band “the Sex Pistols” released their second single “God Save The Queen” to coincide with the Queen’s silver jubilee in the summer of 1977.  The lyrics blasting their disillusionment at successive UK governments failures, rocked the establishment and every effort was made to ban the song which effectively led to the band and the lead singer Lydon becoming the poster boys for the nation’s moral outrage.

So strong was the love for The Queen, the band members were routinely attacked in the street by disgusted members of the public.  Ironically the track today signifies everything British, including the Queen, who has outlived some of the band members.

The Queen & James Bond - UK Olympics
The Queen & James Bond - UK Olympics

She also has two birthdays that are celebrated, here birth date (today) and her “official” date being second Saturday in June, how about that her second birthday celebration doesn’t actually have a specific date but whenever the 2nd Saturday of the month of June.  How cool is that?  Who has that in the world?


Love her or not, she is still a special lady, and we all at Mashaalla wish you a happy birthday Ma’am.

God Save The Queen.