The Poetic Leila Menshari

Tunisian Leila Menchari, an outstanding artist sadly passes away.  She was the iconic imaginative mind behind the fantasy window displays of Hermes.  The Faubourg Saint Honore Store was a longing visit for aspiring artist and tourists set to discover her enlighting storytelling.

Photographic Credit: Edouard Boubat – Leila Menchari window dressing 24 Faubourg Saint-Honoré

Menchari stumbled on her career back in 1961 when she was asked by then window decorator, Annie Beaumel “draw me your dreams”. Since then Menchari’s career was launched and she treated the windows as her theatre. From stoneworks of mystical carved creatures to sandy shores were a few of her wonders.

  • Leila Menchari - Hermes - Argent

Axel Duma, CEO of Hermes recalls the designer as “flamboyant” window displays were long before he took over Hermes from his uncle Jean-Louis , who paid a public homage to her back in 2017 with an exhibition at the Grand Palais, Paris. A fabulous way allowing the general public to discover her poetic universe.


Although she has parted from this world, her works and visionary style will continue to walk the earth inspiring and influencing.

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