Bachelorette party

Top Tips for Throwing the Perfect Bachelorette Party

Is it your task to throw the perfect bachelorette party for your best friend? Want to ensure she has the best send off into married life? Not sure of the best route to go down? Check out our top tips below!


Think Of The Bride’s Interests

Do you want a boozey night out with the girls but secretly know that’s not the type of thing your friend enjoys? Then ensure you surprise her with something you know she’ll really like! Bachelorette parties don’t have to be the wild, crazy nights you see in all of the movies – the bride may have just as much fun in a more calm and sophisticated setting.

Why don’t you book a weekend away at a winery for you and the girls? You can still enjoy the joys of spending time together and having a few drinks, just in a more intimate setting. However, if the bride-to-be does enjoy going out and partying until the crack of dawn, arrange a hotel in a city she’s never been to before and head out to paint the town red.


Clear Communication

Our advice is that you should have one person that handles all of the details and negotiations of the bachelorette party/weekend – then there is no confusion in the details of the weekend.

After that has all been arranged, share the details between everyone on a group chat (whether that be on Facebook, Whatsapp, Imessage) and work as a group to finalise everything. Having one person to gather all of the information is the best way to go ahead with planning, that way you won’t get any tension or two people doing the same thing.


Book Early

This tip really does come in handy if you’re looking to get the most value for money. If you want to go abroad especially, we would advise you to book as early in advance as possible in order to get the best deals you can. You can get a better quality holiday for a cheaper price if you and the rest of the girls you’re planning with can decide on a date early on.


Don’t Over Plan

Leave some room for adventure and spontaneity in your schedule. A bachelorette weekend can be a great time to really explore wherever you are with your friends, so don’t constrain yourself to planning every single second of every day. You may just want some down time in your hotel for a few hours one of the days you’re there, or time to check out all of the shops in the place you’re visiting.


Save The Date

Save the dates are not only for wedding dates.. but for bachelorette parties too! You don’t want a nightmare situation where some of the brides nearest and dearest cannot make it to celebrations. To avoid anything not running smoothly, try to plan a date as much in advance as possible and when everyone is available.


We hope our top tips guide you in the right direction to planning a knock out bachelorette party!