A hidden gem in the heart of Tunis

Most people land in the Tunisian capital, Tunis, and hop on coaches heading to one of the many numerous coastal resorts, but most travellers are making a mistake by not discovering Tunis and visiting and/or staying at this boutique hotel, a gem in the heart of the city.


Head to the city’s labyrinthine ancient Medina, a UNESCO World-Heritage protected area, the city’s outwardly functional Nouvelle Ville is not unlike Barcelona’s Las Ramblas but more authentic.


If you were teleport-ed into anywhere in the Medina, and ask any of the locals for Dar Ben Gacem, they will immediately tell you how to get there, it has become such a know “point of interest” not only because of its presence but also because Leila Ben Gacem who apart from running the hotel, she is also a strong advocate to all things heritage and Tunisian.

‘After years of neglect, local entrepreneurs and cultural institutions are now working together to bring life back into the old town, and interest is growing’, said Leila who has been for the best part of a decade working with artisans and the local authorities to bring renewed interest and investment into the Medina.


Dar Ben Gacem was a derelict property before the Ben Gacem family acquired it, and undergone 2 years of painstaking renovating and restoring its various artefacts throughout the property to their original glory using artisans who have age old skills in old tapestry and weaving skills to keep these trades alive.  A real sustainability journey for all concerned.


So next time you are planning a trip, consider visiting Tunis and staying at Dar Ben Gacem and escape into a unique experience that is of a hotel in the middle of an ancient Medina.