Would you take a family honeymoon?

So, you’re planning your big day…  you’ve got the guest list sorted, the colour scheme is planned out and you’re dress shopping.  But, what to do in reference to whether the kids should come on honeymoon with you and your partner?

In order to make a full rounded decision, were going to point out two sides of the argument to help you decide whether you should take a family holiday or keep it to just you and your spouse.

It could be argued that your decision needs to be based on a range of different factors – the age of your children, your budget and where you plan to go on honeymoon. The first question to answer is: do you really WANT your children to go with you?

It’s important to think about whether if you’ve got sulky teenagers or terrible toddlers, if you really want them around for your first newlywed break – as you and your spouse may want to enjoy eachothers company undisturbed. A fair point to make is, if you don’t plan out the children’s activities and consider their interests as well as yours beforehand, none of you will have a good time!


You’re going to have to put the children’s interests into consideration when booking the destination. A worry is you may spend most of your time entertaining them and not enjoying your very special trip focused on you and your partner. It’s advised that you find a location that everyone will be excited to visit so you can spend that special time together with your whole family. However, does it then take away the purpose of your honeymoon – celebration of your marriage – and turn it into just another family holiday?


However, there are some positives to going on honeymoon as a whole family. This is a very practical point, but also a very important one, especially if you’re not lucky enough to have family nearby to help with childcare or friends that are able to. A honeymoon is known to be a chance to relax and feel carefree, however you’re definitely not going to do that if you spend ages beforehand, and the whole time that you’re away worrying about your children and childcare. Therefore taking the kids with you would completely eradicate this worry for you and your partner.


Holidays are a very exciting time for children and adults alike. A lot of the excitement and fun is sourced from the anticipation of waiting for a holiday to come around, and children love this. You may be distracted by the stresses of planning a wedding (which we all know – is very stressful), however the children are going to be anticipating one thing – the holiday! The excitement will be spread amongst the whole family, and may help you enjoy the build up to your honeymoon more and ease the stress of wedding planning.


Whichever route you and your family decide to take, as long as the right child care is put in place if you do leave them at home, and if you opt for taking them with you, you set up measures that keep everyone entertained, you will have an excellent time either way. We hope today’s blog post has aided you in making your decision.